What We Do

B.ED TET Preparatory


Expert Instructors

More than ten years of experience faculties.

Life Time Access

We provide life time access to all our students.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is for a safe inclusive and nurturing environment with an atmosphere of high expectations for all to meet the present and future needs of students and academics.Creating ambitious, successful and responsible individuals with improved quality of life and work.

Our mission is to educate students for future success. To promote academic excellence and equity of a diverse population of students within the public education system. To provide a choice of educational opportunities within a public institutional system for parents, students and educators.

We invite you to come and experience the quality education at Teachers’ Prime

Teachers’ Prime keeps no limit on the number of hours, an expert gives to his/her subject in order to provide complete and holistic syllabus in most lucid manner possible as most of them are themselves the members of this unique initiative which mandates it that they give their 100% to the students.
All our study material, course content, practice sets and mock tests are prepared and vetted by these veterans and experts of the subject and they are obviously well versed with the subject knowledge and exam patters, therefore many times the exam questions have been asked directly from the course content and notes provided by these experts.
We are not concerned with only completing the course anyhow like other so called institutes but we provide holistic coverage of complete syllabus and on top of that online video lectures are also provided to the students which are accessible anytime.
Regular tests, practice sets and mock tests are conducted which is not only a lip service like most other institutes but we also give the complete solution of these tests and mocks with performance analysis and this unique feature of ours ensures the success of our students.
And the last but not the least our expert faculty members work with students like a companion towards their success as its their mission and they all are member of this Teachers’ Prime family not the contract teachers who are remote controlled by the management.
Teachers’ Prime

Build A Positive Team Spirit

We watch out for each other, go above and beyond for each other, and champion each other to succeed because that's how we make a difference doing what we do.

We obsess about our student's success and their experience. Literally the whole company stops to celebrate when a new student enrols, we have an entire team of coaches who spend their days on the phone mentoring students, we go above and beyond in every way we can think of, and it's all worth it, because our students succeed!

Community Experts

Mr. Rajeev Mishra

Faculty Of English